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Dr.Rozita has been helping my mom through phone consultations (due to Covid/social distancing) for about 3 months now and I have seen a drastic change in my mother's health. What she has been able to do for my mom I can never thank her enough. My mother was diagnosed with "scleroderma" about a year ago and had been taking all types of prescription drugs for this disease which only made her health further deteriorate. After seeking out all different kind of doctors/ specialists we finally decided it was best to go for a natural approach. At that point as a family, we were desperate to do anything to help my mom. We were lucky enough to come across Dr. Rozita. After about 3 weeks into following her recommendations and taking the natural supplements she prescribed her my moms health started to noticeably change. I finally am starting to see my mom smile after a long time and we are beyond grateful. Thank you again so so much. May 13, 2021

Sarah L: March 2021 Through TELEMEDICINE!:

Dr. Rozita has been amazing before my daughter's brain tumor diagnosis and during. The vitamins and supplements=Naturopathic Protocol have been so important during her treatments. I am also taking some of the immunity vitamins as well. I have learned so much from Dr. Rozita. It isn't easy making a teenager take all these supplements, but integrative medicine is so important for our society! My daughters Bran tumor has shrunk 30% in only 1 month ONLY!!!  with four Avastin treatments and the supplements for brain cell health/tumors that Dr. Rozita recommended. It take a village! So glad I found you Dr. Rozita.

Dr. Moshtagh was so helpful from day one. I have a history of miscarriages and I was having complications at the begging of my pregnancy.  I called Dr Moshtagh and she helped me by prescribing Hormones my body needed. She looked deep into the root of the cause of my 10 miscarriages. Ran test that my OB wouldn't ( I had to practically beg my OB to order them).  I am now 9 weeks pregnant with the help of Dr. Moshtagh, Thank you! By K. H. May 2021 Through TELEMEDICINE!

Sana Serene:

First off, I went to general practice doctor who misdiagnosed me for 4 years. I didn’t know much about naturopathic medicine until I had lost all faith in modern medicine, getting prescribed antibiotics way too many times. Dr. Rozita brought my health back. Yes it took some lab tests but these were more in depth and each were needed to rule out what might have been the issue. Eventually I was put on a diet and supplements that slowly made me feel better and better over the 3-6 month period. I did some detox, boosted my immunity, gut bacteria, liver cleanse and so on. Yes it’s not a pill but true healing takes time. Now I know that Naturopathic doctors get to the root cause of an illness and heal the body as a whole. Thank you Dr. Rozita


Eddie G.

3/2/2021 Through TELEMEDICINE!

When I first talked to Dr. Rozita, I was desperate and in great need of help. I was seeing another doctor for 6 years and did exactly what they told me, but I wasn't getting any better. I searched online and found that Dr Rozita was the best bc she was an expert on the problems I was experiencing. My insomnia was getting worse ( I hadn't slept for almost a week and felt exhausted all the time ) my hormones were off and my blood levels needed work. She was patient and encouraging and recommended that I do a couple of blood tests to understand more about what was really going on inside my body. When the blood work came back, she recommended some supplements and change of diet. I started taking the supplements and followed her instructions and I have been sleeping for two months. I feel the best I have ever felt in so many years. I have more energy, my testosterone levels are getting better, I'm more alert and I'm so much happier. She knew exactly how to treat me and put me at ease the entire time. I feel so blessed and thankful and grateful that I found her. I have recommended her to my friends and family. She is now treating my wife and I feel that my wife is in the best hands. Thank you Doctor Rozita for all your help. I'm eternally grateful for everything you have done for me. You gave me a second chance. You will be my doctor for life. If anyone is reading this review and is looking for a doctor that will change your life for the better, Dr Rozita is the one for you. You will not regret it!

2/7/2021 by TELEMEDICINE!

I have been suffering with migraines for many years. None of the "MD's" I have seen have been able to figure out why or how to help treat me. I have been prescribed so many medications, had so many ER visits and have seen specialists that want me to start taking a daily preventative medication for my migraines that have worse side effects than the migraines themselves. After extensive testing and research Rozita prescribed me with a vitamin regimen tailored to my needs. Since I implemented her recommendations into my life my migraines have significantly improved! Its been 2 weeks and counting and I have not had a migraine. That might not sound like much but i typically have 5-6 migraines per week. Typically i go to bed with a migraine and wake up the next day with one for days on end. For years they have rolled my life. Now thanks to the right treatment, i am finally seeing the results I have hoped for so long!

By Katerina



I been dealing with unknown symptoms no diagnosis. I been to different doctors but I was always been told it was my anxiety causing my symptoms. After dealing with countless doctors I decided to go through a natural/holistic route. Dr. Moshtagh helped me identify what causing my symptoms. She started me on protocol in healing my gut. She did let me know that healing gut takes a long time to heal. I'm still in the process of healing. She also identified that I have hormone imbalance. She started me on bio identical progesterone. I seriously can say it's a gamer changer for me. I'm able to function more. My anxiety and ability to handle stress is better. My hair and nails are starting to grow. I noticed my skin is also starting to get better as I continue to heal my gut. I highly recommend Dr. Moshtagh if you are going through unknown illnesses.

     By R. H. Hormonal Imbalance Patient 

8/4/2020 Has Been our patient since April 2020: Telemedicine

What a Journey it has been trying to rebalance my health, after discovering the condo I was renting had MOLD damage; lived in it for 3 yrs and thought all I had was allergy symptoms (Growth on leg, Inner ear itch, Shortness of breath, heart palpation, confusion, high BP, & more) Dr. Rozita stepped in as my 3rd Naturopathic doctor, ordered tests (unfamiliar to my HMO PCP) to discover inflammation in my body, Thyroid, Adrenal, Cardiovascular immune just to name a few was very disrupted. Happy to share 3 yrs of High BP, it's now back to my High School active days, no more SOB, or Brain Fog, & energy is improving daily, under her care, I now have HOPE! Dr. Rozita, is an exceptional listener, Patient & Professional. I walk in GRATITUDE, having her as my partner in health on this Journey we call LIFE -Thank You Doc!                

By Erica: Hormonal Imbalance, Mold Exposure Patient, High Blood pressure

Found Dr. Rozita on yelp I became desperate to find a natural path Dr since I was recently diagnosed with MS and Parkinson's and could not believe it since the symptoms I was having weren't convincing me it was MS. Dr. Rozita had me do some test to rule of the cause of my problems and turned out to be not MS I was completely deficient in certain areas of my nervous system and metabolic function. It was pricy but if we're looking to treat the root cause and having a Dr listen to your concerns this is the way to go! Dr. Rozita has been a blessing to me. With Dr. Rozita you can text her any questions and SHE WILL RESPOND!!! Not like a MD Dr. at a clinic that's limited to 15 min per patient and you hope to get through all your questions and then times up, not with her! Definitely recommend Dr. Rozita for all your health needs!!! God Bless you Dr. Rozita by Claudia O.


5/23/2019 YELP REVIEW:

If you are looking for a doctor who will actually care about you and do whatever it takes to help you get better, look no further than Dr. Rozita. I'm not one to leave reviews in general, but after 12 years of seeking help for chronic issues between me & my children; I thankfully found my way to her. She has gone out of her way to make sure we are getting what we need - whether its availability by phone (yes! A doctor you can actually CALL & have them pick up their phone and talk to you), helping me figure out the best treatment for our budget or consistently checking in to see how we're doing. She is exceedingly well educated and yet she continues to study and to attend advanced training seminars so she can best help her patients. When is the last time your doctor went to a class just so they could help YOU? Dr. Rozita is like that!! She doesn't accept failure or "good enough." She won't stop until she knows you are well. She is passionate about true healing and about caring for people. You won't go wrong by seeing her; she will get you better! You also won't have to deal with office staff --- she takes care of everything personally.  

By Rae: GI Issues


Dr Rozita is incredible! I am 30 years old. I was Diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder 6 years ago. I have been on a roller coaster of emotions since I was diagnosed and have dealt with depression about 80% of the time. The last year I have been glued to the couch, depressed with no drive or energy and completely miserable. I was desperate so I searched the internet for any possible solution, because my medication was doing nothing for my energy and depression. First homeopathic doctor I saw that said she works with bipolar patients charged about $750 for an initial visit. My disability income could not afford that. I came across Dr Rozita Moshtagh on Groupon, I saw that for $50 I could get the same consultation. I called her and she was extremely friendly and personable over the phone. I described my symptoms and she confidently said don't worry, come and see me, I can guarantee that I'll make you feel better. I was cautious at first because I have thrown away thousands of dollars on false promises in the past. She gave me an incredible discount on quality products that addressed my particular symptoms. The first couple days that I took them I felt a little funny and was kind of disappointed because I figured it wasn't going to work like everything in the past. After sticking with it for about 2 weeks, I am so shocked at how much better I feel. I haven't felt this good in at least 2 years. My energy levels are high, I can workout all day. I have no anxiety. I don't have anxiety pains and swelling in my neck and chest, and no more breathing problems. I don't have uncontrollable food cravings anymore, the intense brain fog is gone. I finally feel confident enough to start going out more and also start working again. I am so grateful that I found her.
A sincerely happy customer,
Jordan W. Kearney 



I’m so grateful for having found Dr. Rozita. My visit was long overdue. Dr Rozita found the cause of my symptoms within the first visit. Things that conventional doctors have been missing for years. Conventional medicine only put a “bandage”, which caused more severe problems. Doctor Rozita targeted the source of the problem. Ever since I have been 100% natural.  Each day is a work in progress and I can see and feel the difference in every aspect of my life. I feel so much better mentally, physically, and spiritually.      

Selena the Patient: Schizophrenic Patient that completely healed up