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Dr Rozita is incredible! I am 30 years old. I was Diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder 6 years ago. I have been on a roller coaster of emotions since I was diagnosed and have dealt with depression about 80% of the time. The last year I have been glued to the couch, depressed with no drive or energy and completely miserable. I was desperate so I searched the internet for any possible solution, because my medication was doing nothing for my energy and depression. First homeopathic doctor I saw that said she works with bipolar patients charged about $750 for an initial visit. My disability income could not afford that. I came across Dr Rozita Moshtagh on Groupon, I saw that for $50 I could get the same consultation. I called her and she was extremely friendly and personable over the phone. I described my symptoms and she confidently said don't worry, come and see me, I can guarantee that I'll make you feel better. I was cautious at first because I have thrown away thousands of dollars on false promises in the past. She gave me an incredible discount on quality products that addressed my particular symptoms. The first couple days that I took them I felt a little funny and was kind of disappointed because I figured it wasn't going to work like everything in the past. After sticking with it for about 2 weeks, I am so shocked at how much better I feel. I haven't felt this good in at least 2 years. My energy levels are high, I can workout all day. I have no anxiety. I don't have anxiety pains and swelling in my neck and chest, and no more breathing problems. I don't have uncontrollable food cravings anymore, the intense brain fog is gone. I finally feel confident enough to start going out more and also start working again. I am so grateful that I found her.

A sincerely happy customer,

Jordan W. Kearney



I’m so grateful for having found Dr. Rozita. My visit was long overdue. Dr Rozita found the cause of my symptoms within the first visit. Things that conventional doctors have been missing for years. Conventional medicine only put a “bandage”, which caused more severe problems. Doctor Rozita targeted the source of the problem. Ever since I have been 100% natural.  Each day is a work in progress and I can see and feel the difference in every aspect of my life. I feel so much better mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Selena the Patient


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